44% Increase in 2013 == Success!

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11I got this good news in an email newsletter from Jeanine Davis, a creative freelancer I work with. She’s been “solo” for 2 years now and in her second year surpassed her goals with a 44% increase! Here’s how….

Marketing works, I’m proof.

I grew my business a whopping 44% in 2013 and I attribute that to my faithful marketing efforts.

In 2013 I…

But, the results didn’t happen over night. In fact, I was nervous at the end of the second quarter; growth was flat and I began to doubt my efforts. Then in June and July it really started to pay off.

I’d like to be able to tell you it was just one thing I did, but it was the combination of everything and doing it regularly. The fact that a monthly newsletter went out to my clients and colleagues kept me top of mind in an easy way for both them and me. That led them to refer me or use my services.

Meeting people at networking events and then connecting with them through email, social media or just a cup of coffee helped build strong relationships.

Not sure how to work your social media? I have a great article from OverGo Sudio on that, Social Media for Business Owners How We Use it to Grow Sales check it out.

I’m telling you this now so you can start thinking about your 2014 marketing calendar.

Doesn’t Jeanine’s success make you want to do some marketing? What do you plan to do this year? Join us at HOW Design Live — and especially the new, improved Creative Freelancer Business Conference