Bryn’s first week as a freelancer

Last Monday, May 2, Bryn Mooth embarked on a journey as a freelance writer (, after a 20-year career in publishing (as the editor of HOW Magazine). One week later, I interviewed her to see what the first week was like. She shares insights on: What’s been most energizing and gratifying during this transition...

Welcome to the other side, Bryn!

Today is the first day of the rest of Bryn Mooth's life. she is now a freelance editor/writer and her new business is called writes4food.Welcome to the freelance world, Bryn. The water is very warm in here and we can't wait for your blog posts from the other side.

[Podcast] Common Roadblocks for New Freelancers

Podcast: Bryn Mooth on where she is after 2 years of freelancing and her upcoming CFC session: What to Expect When You’re Freelancing, which is perfect for those who are anywhere on the continuum from "I’m thinking about it" to "I’ve made the move but I’m still struggling,"