Crowdsourcing Round 2

Laurel Black continues her crowdsourcing nightmare with lots of opinions on how she handled her client’s unhappy comparison between the work she got from Laurel and the work she got from the logo mill.

Crowdsourcing in My Face

A client who had hired me to create a logo stumbled onto a crowdsourcing site and sent me a very unhappy email. She appeared to think that I had way overcharged her. I responded with an explanation of crowdsourcing and was able to move it to a good outcome (after a lot of heartburn).

What does crowdsourcing buy?

Last week’s Creative Freelancer Digest generated more debate about the crowdsourcing issue here and on the LinkedIn group discussion forum. But most of the discussion is theoretical: is crowdsourcing good or bad, and for whom? One side of the story that few have heard so far was addressed yesterday on in a column,...