CFBC 2014: How to Be the Best at Networking

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planA recent post from Laura Foley, Networking 101: Bring Your Darn Business Cards!, got some strong comments when it was reposted on the CFC LinkedIn group, including this one from, Dana Manciagli, author of the forthcoming “Cut the Crap, Network for Success” (get a free chapter here) and one of our speakers at this year’s 2014 CFBC/HOW Design Live….passing it along.

For those who came to the 2013 CFC, we shared the top Networking tips, including having plenty of business cards. It’s a sloppy mistake. Period.

Prepare now to come to the 2014 CFBC (Creative Freelancer Business Conference) armed to be the BEST networker.

Short version of the face-to-face networking tips sent out to all registrants last year:
1. Be hands free so you can shake hands and take notes.
2. Arrive early. Be the first to meet many great people.
3. Have plenty of business cards.
4. Have a purpose, a goal. Rehearse and repeat it. (finding new clients, alliances, etc.)
5. Listen more than you talk.
6. Precision follow-up. Get to your PC/Mac fast.
7. Work the room. Peel away from friends.
8. No excuse of “I’m an introvert”. You are good at this!.

If you want the full hand-out, including social media networking tips, contact me for a copy (!Cut the Crap, Network for Success cover

See you in Boston! Come to my “Behind the Corporate Curtain” session to learn how to work with Corporate Clients. I’m ex-Microsoft, Kodak and 30 years total of buying freelancing services! Feel free to send me your questions in advance (post them in the comments) so I can be sure to address them there, too.