CFC Success: From struggling freelancer to 2-year contract

CFC 2013 logoI got this message today from Nick Matarese, a freelance designer in Delaware who attended CFC 2013 for the first time in San Francisco this past June. Looks like it was the right decision for him….

I am emailing you to say thank you. Earlier this year I was feeling quite lost in my freelance / solo agency and where it was going. I felt like I didn’t know up from down and how to get out of it.

Nick Matarese of The Barn CreativeAfter a free mentoring session with you and with your encouragement to make the trip to San Fran for the Creative Freelancer Conference, my business is doing better than ever.

You and everyone there gave me the confidence (and a lot of know how from the speakers) to go after what I really wanted in my agency (sports design).

With that confidence I have designed the All-Star Game logo for the AFL, just signed a 2 year contract making me the exclusive agency for 4 pro minor league sports leagues and their teams (over 30 teams need to be branded), am in talks for going on retainer for the one of the largest wrestling product companies on earth, and possibly branding teams for an expansion into China for another pro league.

I went from extremely struggling freelancer, to probably looking for freelancers or employees in the near future.

I am not getting too ahead of myself yet, but that is definitely the more than likely on the horizon.

So if you need anything for the CFC in 2014 or with your business, don’t hesitate to ask as I am a firm believer in it all. I really don’t think I would have been able to accomplish any of this without going to San Fran……. I can’t say Thank You enough for everything.

P.S. – I am also happy to say I have been keeping up with one of my goals from CFC 2013 of keeping in touch with the people I met and made good relationships with.

This could be you next year…so I hope you’re saving up for CFC 2014 in Boston, May 14-16, 2014. Details available soon! And check out Nick’s web site and some of his client-winning work.