Watch Out For These Client Red Flags


Illustration by I. Keith Murray

Illustration by I. Keith Murray

Are you dealing with a problem client right now?

You know the ones I mean…they have unrealistic expectations and unreasonable deadlines. Or they are high maintenance drama queens overreacting about a tiny detail.

If so, you’re not alone.

We all have them!

The thing to remember is that they are not bad people. They’re often under a lot of pressure, lack self-discipline—or both!

At CFBC this year, Doug Dolan spoke eloquently on the topic in his session, Field Guide to Bad Clients (which is part of the Creative Freelancer Business Conference Collection) and in our podcast interview. He told lots of funny stories — because you have to have some humor when dealing with these clients!  This topic seems to have struck a nerve, so if you can relate, here’s where you can find simple strategies for handling these red flag situations (more to come soon):

And if you’d like to attract better clients in the future (who are red-flag-less)—I can help. Let’s talk about who your ideal clients are in a free mentoring session.

How are you handling these red flags? What are the other red flags you come across?