How’s Your Post-HDL/CFBC First Day Back in the Office?

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11The first day back in the office after HOW Design Live/CFBC is always invigorating.

Like most everyone, I came back full of new ideas and plans to grow my business, especially by expanding my network and developing more partnerships.

I loved seeing old friends (although I had forgotten some names!) and making lots of new ones. This year I focused on facilitating connections between people who could help each other and that seemed to be working well.

But my favorite part is always the “netwalking” and this year was no different. I had a great group photo-8HDL/CFBC 2014 Netwalking day 2of industrious creatives who got up at 6 AM on both days to walk to the Public Garden and do some pre-shower networking.

Here are just a few of the messages and tweets I’ve received from creative pros, some of whom are already putting what they’ve learned to work:

  • My 3rd CFC, overwhelmed by the knowledge and memories I came home with.
  • I used the 3-tier pricing structure, as (@JasonMBlumer) suggested at #HOWLive. Client loved having options, went for $$$ one.
  • Met the marketing communications manager of (unnamed Huge Company) at the matchmaking session. Connected via LinkedIn and he’s already signed up for my newsletter! Could be a great contact 🙂
  • I’m not sure what I was expecting from the conference but my expectations were far-surpassed. Nearly all the sessions felt super-appropriate for where I am in my career/business and being around others who do what I do and learning from them (both the speakers and fellow attendees) was invaluable.

How ’bout your first day back — how is it going?

We start planning for 2015 immediately so if you have feedback, comments, suggestions or pitches, please reach out to me here and/or via email (

One thought on “How’s Your Post-HDL/CFBC First Day Back in the Office?

  1. lsydesign

    I am planning to review all notes I took, then start implementing what I learned. I also made a to-do list while there, which includes a positioning statement on my website, developing a new promo piece, going after bigger clients, and creating that marketing action plan!