Be a Design Entrepreneur: How to Start a Graphic Design Business

Whether you’re starting your own graphic design business from the ground up or striking out on your own as a freelance designer, you’d likely be classified as a design entrepreneur. Here, you’ll find the best info, inspiration and resources on the subject, and discover best practices in how to start a graphic design business, how to get new clients, how to maintain creativity in business, social media advice and much more. And, of course, you’ll hear from some of the most prominent minds in the field—and learn the skills so that you can be one, too.

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

Time for a Marketing Reboot?

If your marketing has slowed down lately, you’re not alone — and there are lots of possible reasons why…. It could be the effect of the summer lull. Or maybe you’re coming off a monster project that consumed every bit of your time and energy and you literally couldn’t focus on anything else while it was going...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

Do Designers Need Business Insurance?

At the Creative Freelancer Business Conference in Boston, one of the important (but not-so-sexy) business questions that came up a few times was, “Do we need business insurance? And if so, what kind and how much?” It’s an important question, but certainly not sexy. Still needs to be addressed, especially if you work in...


An Action Plan for Freelancers

In the latest episode from the Speaker Podcast Series for this year’s Creative Freelancer Business Conference, I talked with Corwin Hiebert, a business manager for freelancers, visual artists, and entrepreneurs, about how to create a Business Action Plan, which is much simpler (and can be better for creative professionals) than a traditional business plan....