Do You Do Portrait Photography on the Side?


Are you the type of creative type that doesn’t like to be constrained to one medium? You love to design but you’re also not bad at writing. And now that every phone has a camera, you think you might like to try photography too, because you can!

Well you’re not alone and there are resources available in case you decide to get serious about photography, whether on the side or full on. One of the best resources is the free guides from

There are 32 of them and the latest is called, Growing Your Portrait Photography Business, and Part 1 focuses on family, kids, and senior portraiture.

In it, you’ll learn the overarching do’s and don’ts of how to target a new audience and showcase your unique brand (hint: it doesn’t involve promoting yourself left and right on every social media platform). They also spoke with several talented portrait photographers to learn how they created their pricing structure and built client relationships that have lasted years.