Don’t Worry if You Missed HOW Design Live — Watch it Online!

HDL-online-150x150Did you miss HOW Design Live in Boston? Or are you simply looking to attend sessions you missed?

This is your chance: The best of HOW Design Live will be available online — from June 9-22, 2014 — including 2 CFBC sessions:

HDL 2014 Auditorium 1

You get an all-access pass to watch 23 videos recorded at the conference and participate in live chats.

Unlike the set schedule at the event, you’re able to join in whenever your schedule allows. You won’t have to worry about running from one room to the next, and you’ll never have to make tough decisions like choosing between two great speakers with simultaneous sessions.

HOW Design Live is the event for designers, freelancers, in-house managers and other industry professionals. It’s where creative people come to find inspiration, learn new skills, advance their careers and develop their own businesses—opportunities you can’t find in one place anywhere else.

At this two-week online event, you’ll get to experience what makes HOW Design Live such an amazing event. And because it’s web-based, you can participate from anywhere!

Here are the other sessions you’ll see:

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Writer and Author, and DeeDee Gordon, President, Innovation Group, Sterling Brand, Keynote Presentation
  • Christine Mau, Brand Design Director, Family Care Brands, Kimberly-Clark, Keynote Presentation
  • Johnny Earle aka Johnny Cupcakes, Founder, Johnny Cupcakes, How to Start or Grow a Unique Biz, Passion or Idea with Little to No Start-Up Money
  • Aaron Draplin, Sole Proprietor, Draplin Design Co., The Art of Artifacts: How to Used Graphic Treasures from the American Underbelly in Your Work
  • Michael P. Donovan, Founding Partner, Donovan/Green, and Nancye Green, Founding Partner, Donovan/Green, A Designed Life: What Were We Thinking? What Are We Thinking Now?
  • Jake Barton, Principal, Local Projects, Improvisation and Design
  • Moria Cullen, Vice President, Global Beverage Design, PepsiCo, Design Inside…
  • Maria Guidice, Director of Product Design, Facebook, Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design
  • Hamish Campbell, Creative Director, Pearlfisher, and David Hartman, Associate Creative Director, Target, Designing for Success
  • Brian Wood, Web Developer, Author and Trainer,, Responsive Website Design Made Easy
  • Terry White, Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist, AdobeGreat Cutting Edge Websites: No Code, No Kidding
  • Chris Converse, Designer and Developer, Codify Design Studio, Photoshop to HTML
  • Matthew Richmond, Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director, The Chopping Block, Inc., Tools of the Trade (Web Design)
  • Allen Haley, Director of Words & Letters, Monotype, Typographic Master Lessons
  • Marcia Hoeck, Owner, Hoeck Associates, and Ed Roach, Brand Consultant and Designer, The Branding Experts, Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding (And How to Fix Them)
  • Robin Landa, Distinguished Professor, Robert Busch School of Design, Kean University, Build Your Own Brand: A 10-Step Guide
  • Nathan Shedroff, Pioneer in Experience Design, How Design Enhances Business Strategy and Total Value
  • Frank Baseman, Creative Director and Principal, Baseman Design Associates, and Associate Professor and Program Director, Graphic Design, Philadelphia University, Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Design
  • Justin Knecht, Senior Program Director, LUMA Institute, Innovating From Within
  • Andy Epstein, The BOSS Group at Merck, The Adaptive Creative Workforce Paradigm: FTEs, ICs, ROWE and ROI
  • Bill Gardner, Founder/Owner/President, Gardner Design & Logo Lounge, The Logo Lounge Trend Report

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