Are you a favorite? Do people bookmark you?

ilise-new-thumbIn our ever-more-technical society, usability usually refers to software. What if we considered our own usability when it came to self-promotion and relationship-building? Are we easy to work with? Are we making people’s lives better?

With this thought in mind, I’m reviving an article I wrote years ago for User Experience MagazinePersonal Usability: How Can We Make Ourselves More Usable to Others? It might be even more relevant today. Here’s an excerpt explaining tips to make clients want to “bookmark” you for future projects:

Do clients bookmark you?

So how do we develop and sustain human relationships in this increasingly complex and fragmented environment? I think the answer is by being more “usable.”

Here are a few simple ideas to play with:

  1. Do you respond? A usable website tells me that it has received and is processing my information. What about you? When someone gives you information, do you take a moment to respond? Or are you silent because you just don’t have time? Could you be more usable by sending a simple message that says, “Got it, thanks.” when someone sends you a file? A message like that always puts my mind at ease.
  2. Do you remember personal information? A usable website uses cookies and other technology to remember my name when I return to it. What about you? Do you remember other people’s names? Or do you say, “I just don’t remember names,” as if it’s genetic. Well, you can remember names and it will mean a lot to others, making you more usable.

Read the rest to learn how to remember names, and more!

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