Free Browser for Creatives

Bespoke browserHere’s a special offer we just came across — a browser designed with your needs in mind. And it’s free for the holidays!

Bespoke is a creative browser tailored to visual minds, making it easy to discover, save & share ideas in a single platform.

Watch the Bespoke movie here.

With Bespoke you can
-search using our in-app browser
-crop a portion of any webpage or clip the entire URL
-save content to books that are always private, until you choose to share them
-upload images from your camera roll
-share books, collaborate with others, and create conversations with clients & colleagues
-browse our beautifully curated stream of creative content
-share via Facebook, Twitter, & email
-integrate with our iPhone app & desktop web clipper!

Find it on iTunes and download it free through December 31st 2014.