#FreelanceIsntFree: Have You Been Stiffed?


The Freelancers Union has focused on one of the biggest problems and most damaging aspects of freelancing: getting stiffed!

Did you know that:

  • Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) of freelancers have faced client nonpayment at some point in their careers
  • On average, freelancers lose over $6000 annually due to late and non payment

(Find more nonpayment facts here.)

I maintain that if you can identify “problem clients” in advance, price your work fairly and have a marketing plan that prevents you from taking whatever comes along, then you’re much less likely to be stiffed.

However, the population of freelancers is growing (it’s currently 53 million – 34% of the workforce) and it’s a huge problem with no one in the government doing anything about it – yet!

That may be about to change, because tireless advocate and fearless leader of Freelancers Union, Sara Horowitz, was in Washington DC last week and she had a very promising exchange with President Obama on the missing safety net for this growing segment of the workforce.

Want to do something? Join the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign here.


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