Freelance Strategy: Target Clients of Clients

In a recent blog post for The Creative Group, freelance food writer, Bryn Mooth, of, shared 3 Easy Ways to Turn Freelance Work Into More Freelance Work. Here is one of them — read the rest here.

Target Clients of ClientsBryn Mooth

This freelance business development strategy can be especially productive if you and your clients are in the B2B service field. Case in point: Two years ago, I worked with a small creative agency to develop content for their new website. It was a great project, and we really clicked. A few months later, the agency brought me in as a content developer for a web project they delivered to one of their clients. We continue to actively seek opportunities for more collaboration.

Think about the people and companies you’re collaborating with. Who are their clients? Could they use your services, too?

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