Freelancing to the Rescue (again!)

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11Love this article in today’s New York Times, After One Spouse Loses a Job, Finding a New Balance in a Marriage, by Rachel Swarns (who wrote another one earlier this month on the freedoms and uncertainties of freelancing).

It’s another story of a creative professional who lost his job, tried freelancing and is making a go of it. It could have been entitled, “Freelancing Rescues a Relationship” because the focus of the article was the negative effect of unemployment on his marriage. When he tried freelancing and got a few clients, his marriage improved.

According to the article, hIs wife didn’t take his freelancing seriously at first, but he did and that’s what mattered.

The designer, Josh Buller (of Josh Buller Design), was convinced that he could become a successful freelancer. “I don’t want her assuming that I’m eating bonbons on the couch and not cleaning the bathrooms,” he said. “I don’t think of myself as unemployed. I work from home.”

By December, he had found a paying client. Then he found a couple more. Suddenly, his business was percolating. He started waking up with his wife in the morning and sitting down at his desk around 8 a.m. He started cooking dinner, too, about three times a week.

Is Josh alone?