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Succeeding in freelance design requires smart work and business habits that can pave the way to prosperous design careers for many who desire this path. Get expert guidance on managing your freelance graphic, web design business or bringing your dreams to life by starting your own design business.


Why Rejection Is Difficult for Creative Professionals

Why is rejection so difficult for creatives? Or is it for everyone? That was one of my first questions for Poet and Creative Coach, Mark McGuiness, in Episode 3 of the HOWLive Speaker Podcast Series. He believes it’s completely normal to have trouble with this. “We really care about our work, so of course...


How’s your business fitness?

People always laugh when I tell them I’m watching my weight. It’s easy to see why if you’ve ever met me. I was the “scrawny” kid in school. For most of my life I’ve enjoyed a fast metabolism that burns through food very quickly. And I’ve been drawn to hobbies like dancing and living...


Just a Reminder: Your Business Is Not About You

It’s a tricky concept but essential, so I’ll keep harping on it. So many aspects of your creative business are actually not about you. Your elevator pitch is not about you. The homepage of your web site is not about you. Your positioning statement is not about you….and on and on and on. If...

Tom N. Tumbusch 2014

Share the love with your freelancer network

About a week before the Thanksgiving holiday I had an additional reason to be thankful — a bit of extra cash I didn’t have to do a lick of work for. Okay, that’s not completely accurate. I did do one small thing to earn this “free money.” I hit the forward button in my...