A Real Community

As Ilise and I were having our many conversations over the summer about developing this new blog, one idea consistently got us the most excited. We wanted to make this more of a community, a meeting place, a space where people who are out working and living in the freelance world could have a say.

Too, we wanted this blog to reach out beyond our core audience of designers  (though you guys are super important to our mission here) and offer up worthwhile info for other creative types like writers, photographers and artists. After all, client issues are client issues, regardless of the type of creative work you’re serving up.

In the past 48 hours since we flipped the “On” switch on this baby, I’ve had several e-mails from freelancers in the design and writing worlds who’ve asked to contribute. I hope we’ll keep adding to the roster.

Both HOW and Marketing Mentor are committed to helping you thrive in your creative business (see the regular Freelance column in HOW magazine and our DesignCast series for freelancers as examples of that). But even more important, you have much to teach each other. You’re out there, living it, every day. You’re the ones dealing with pesky clients, landing great projects, managing your cash flow … and for every one of you who’s stumped by a particular problem, there’s another freelancer who’s already figured out a solution. So our intent here is to connect those dots.

Use this as a daily resource, then be sure to join (and bookmark) the Creative Freelancer LinkedIN group, where you can post questions and stay in touch.