Big News: health insurance in NY, NJ & OR!

Freelancers UnionBig news from our partner, the Freelancers Union:

We just found out that Freelancers Union was awarded $340 million in federal loans to create member-driven, nonprofit health insurance options in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon.

In many ways, this is what we’ve been working toward for more than a decade – a way to fundamentally transform health care for America’s 42 million independent workers. This is a huge step toward making health care more affordable, more accessible, and more responsive to the needs of all workers.

Starting in early 2014, you will have access to a new insurance plan that is responsive and driven by your needs.

It’s bringing back the classic meaning of “insurance” – like-minded workers joining together to build collective security and mutual support, free from the tethers of the profit-driven health insurance industry.

These Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs) are funded in part by federal loans from the health care reform law. CO-OPs are a new nonprofit health care option that focus on your needs – not the needs of a profit-driven shareholder – and will compete with private insurers on the open market.

Our goal is to help you achieve true independence – without being left alone. CO-OPs are a big step in that direction.

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