CFC 2013 Final Breakfast Roundtable Topics

CFC 2013 logoHere’s what we’ve got scheduled for the 2 days of “Breakfast Roundtables” at CFC in San Francisco this Sunday (in the main CFC ballroom) and Monday (in the Exhibit Hall):

  • Running an Accountability Group: Tom Tumbusch and Laura Foley (Sunday)
  • Your marketing-smart brand: websites to business cards: Bryn Mooth and Jill Anderson (Sunday)
  • Ask the Tax Pro: June Walker (Sunday)
  • How to grow beyond solopreneur: Damien Golden (Sunday)
  • The Case of the Disappearing Client: Erin Pheil, (Sunday)
  •  Running an Accountability Group: Jenny Poff (Monday)
  • Transitions: International Consultancy to One Man Band: Kit Hinrichs (Monday)
  • LLC? A corporation? A sole proprietorship?: June Walker (Monday)
  • Personal Branding for Business Development: Karen Leland (Monday)

Topics without moderators
(Anyone is re welcome to step up and lead these — just sit down at the table when you find the sign):

  • How to vet a programmer
  • What if your passion isn’t digital?
  • Social media: the latest on what’s working
  • Tools to Run Your Business
  • Running a business from a rural area
  • How do you balance family, work + self without guilt?
  • Freelancer? Solopreneur? Contractor?

By geographic region:

  • US/West Coast, US/East Coast, US/South, US/Mid-West, US/Southwest, US/Southeast

By medium or discipline:

  • print designers, web designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters

And many of speakers will also be doing one (or two!) so look for them too!

More details here