CFC 2013: Goodies & Resources for Social Media

CFC 2013 logoWe’re back from CFC 2013 and here’s the first of a stream of posts with highlights and materials from the event — for those who were there (and those who weren’t)! Drink up!

Today, from Colleen Wainwright (a.k.a. the communicatrix) who gave a kickass talk on Sunday morning called, “Making People Love You Madly: Selling Yourself in a Postmodern Marketplace.

In her session about the importance of being awesome and how to do it, she Colleen Wainwright at CFC 2013gave everyone “homework” — here’s one bit of it.

Pick TWO social media outlets to concentrate on over the next month. Remember, to do this, you’re going to need to do some research: where are your Exact Perfect People hanging out? Do you know the “language” of this space? Do you enjoy learning/speaking it? In order to work, both of these need to be in place!

She also — quite coincidentally — featured an example of being awesome by Jessica Hische who had just (very awesomely) given her presentation before Colleen (more on that later this week) and was still in the audience. That is what we call serendipity!

You can find links to all the people and businesses mentioned in Colleen’s presentation AND a few “rules” + other nuts ‘n bolts for social media AND the rest of her “homework” HERE:

If you were in this session, please comment on what you learned or what you took away of value!

One thought on “CFC 2013: Goodies & Resources for Social Media

  1. Colleen Wainwright

    You are too kind, as always, or I always see the wrong parts, or something. But I did have a fantastic time, and, as always, left inspired by all of the great energy and enthusiasm from attendees and speakers alike for making small creative business work. Reminds me of how much I miss my regular meet-ups, too—hmm….