CFC 2013: Meet Your Actual Prospects!

This is an update of this post: If you want to show your portfolio to actual prospects on Day 1 of CFC: send an email message to — details below.

At CFC last year, the In-HOWse conference was running right next door to CFC and some of the in-house managers snuck over and asked me if I could recommend any freelancers.

I was standing in a room of 450 freelancers and she wanted me to point out a few she could work with! Of course, I couldn’t do that so I made an announcement to the group and provided her email address to anyone who wanted to reach out — and many did!

But that was a light bulb moment for all of us who planned the events! We learned our lesson. So this year one of our major efforts is to bring the two groups together: the ones who need freelancers with the freelancers themselves.

So whether you’re a solo freelancer or the owner of a small agency, there will be plenty of ways to connect with your actual prospects:

  1. Day One: Matchmaking Happy Hour with In-HOWse managers. We’ll bring everyone into the same room to network and get to know each other. (Don’t worry, we’ll prep you for this promising networking experience so you can make the most of it. But if you want to get a jump on it, try this.)
  2. Trade Show Style Tables @ Happy Hour — At that Happy Hour, you can sign up (it’s first come, first served) to have a place at the table to show your portfolio while InHOWse Managers come around to chat.
  3. Day 2: CFC/InHOWse Breakfast Roundtables. Again, you’ll have a chance to connect with more In-HOWse managers or talk a bit more with the ones you met the night before.

I think this is going to be one of the best ideas we’ve had for CFC and it will save you a lot of marketing time. So register now for CFC or HOW Design Live so you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to be in the same room with MANY corporate clients with budgets!

If you choose CFC only, get $100 off if you combine promo code “ILISE” + Early Bird rate before March 15.