CFC: Here’s what we’ll be talking about

There are two reasons to come to the Creative Freelancer Conference (June 21-22 in Boston): networking + learning from those who’ve been there.

We bring those two together in a proactive way on Friday morning, June 22 , 8:00 am – 8:50 am, when you can join for an hour of moderated but free-flowing discussions around hot topics of interest. (That’s right after our 6-7 AM Netwalking — plenty of time to shower and change.)

Here is the beginning of the incredible line up we’ve put together for this year, including some special guests who aren’t anywhere else on the program. (More topics from CFC speakers to come!)

  • Client Rant (Led by the Oldest Living Freelancer) with Lauri Baram of Panarama Design
  • Pricing Design Projects for Profitability with Laura Berkowitz Gilbert of Boomerang Studio
  • Making Time to Stay Healthy with Alisa Bonsignore of Clarifying Complex Ideas
  • From Solo Freelancer to Design Firm Owner with Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design
  • Scope Creep — How/When to Address It with Tim Foley of Tim Foley Studios
  • In house Agency vs. External Agency with Robin Friedman of Wunderland
  • Using Social Media Effectively as a Business Tool with Damien Golden of iKANDEgraphics
  • Make, Yourself: Using Your Skill Set to Create Something Substantial for Your Own Business Benefit with Steve Gordon of RDQLUS Creative
  • How to Balance Your Own Freelancing with On-Site Freelancing with Karl Heine of Creative Placement
  • How to Run a Thriving Freelance Business While Developing your Own Independent Creative Projects with kHyal™ of fiZz Agency
  • Out in the Sticks: Challenges & Rewards of Running a Biz in a Small Community with Julia Reich of Julia Reich Design
  • How to Handle/Juggle Children and Your Own Business with Pam Saxon of Saxon Design
  • Competing with the East: How to Combat the Growing Pandemic of Cheap Labor with Adele Stanton (coming all the way from New Zealand!)
  • How to Grow Your Business and Still Stay Small with Jani Whitesides of Whitesides Design

Plus anyone with an idea for discussion can start a roundtable on the spot.

Will you be there? It’s not too late to register and you can use the promo code “CMM12” for $50 off until the day of!

One thought on “CFC: Here’s what we’ll be talking about

  1. Damien Golden

    IT happened again! Such great topics and moderators. I wish I hadn’t signed up to host a table 😉 … Everyone: PLEASE share notes afterwards. I look forward to hearing more about your round tables!