CFC on the WWW

Hard to believe it’s been a week since we were all finishing up our first few days together.

We figured this would be a good time to do a round-up of all the stuff that’s been posted about the CFC since then. So (deep breath), here goes…


Also, there are a bunch of photos on Facebook!

  • Bryn Mooth’s photos
  • Nicholas Nawroth’s photos
  • Ian Arsenault’s photos
  • NEW! Ivette Cortez’s slideshow (to ABBA!) on YouTube




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CFC Group on Facebook

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What have I missed? More, people! More!

UPDATE (9:52am, 9/5): Already with the stuff I missed. I’ll flag all adds as "NEW!"–partly so you can tell, partly because hacky old copywriter habits die hard.

2 thoughts on “CFC on the WWW

  1. Carla Scornavacco

    Met a lot of great people and enjoyed the conference very much. I don’t know if this is an issue in California, but in Chicago staffing agencies have made it difficult for solopreneurs to earn a fair wage for the work we do. I know several people who have worked through agencies and have said the same thing. Companies have realized that once they hire you through an agency, hiring you without going through the agency at a later date is a way for them to negotiate a lower price. From my experience the agency bills twice what they pay the artist. The artist makes more, but not nearly what the rates should be for special skills. Companies have also taken advantage of hiring for lower paying services such as production work and then once on the job ask if you can illustrate, do photoretouching or design. How do we as solopreneurs compete with this system in place?