CFC: Wow!

Ilise BenunWow!

That’s what I am thinking as I pack my bags to leave Boston, where I’ve spent the past 5 days with the most incredible creative professionals I know.

CFC was indescribable and I have so many people to thank for that, but for now I’ll just pass along a few of the comments people have made to me in the hallways at the Hynes Convention Center:

  • “I got my money’s worth on Day 1 of CFC. The rest was gravy.”
  • “There is no “swag” at CFC — but the swag I got was my To Do List.
  • “I’m leaving knowing how to take my business to the next level.”
  • “CFC brings my business from the bottom of my to do list to the top.”

Some have said the was the best CFC ever, and I have to agree. I’ll be thinking long and hard about what made it so strong this year and how to make it even stronger next year. (And if you have ideas, please post them here or on the LinkedIn Group.)

But for now, let me just acknowledge the 450+ attendees who made it feel like a small group who’d known each other for years. I’m not sure how that happens but let’s do it again in San Francisco next year (June 22-26, 2013).

I do hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “CFC: Wow!

  1. Amy

    I’ll be there, Ilise! Great conference. Now, I need to take everything I’ve learned and start applying it everyday – starting with a sorting out my notes and making a huge To Do list! Wonderful seeing you. I enjoyed our conversation at dinner – still thinking about it all! Lot’s to process and work on.

  2. Michelle

    It was my first and, based on the quality of the content, the enthusiasm of everyone there, and the amazing people I met, certainly not my last. Sad I missed it last year when it was in my hometown, but I’ll definitely find a way to get out to San Francisco!

  3. Anne Hiney

    What a huge shot in the arm the CFC was!! I came away with a great deal of motivation and education to get started working on making my business more focused and profitable. Thank you so much for a great experience!!!