Changes to LinkedIn: what do you think?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planThis week, LinkedIn made some changes to our profiles.

Some of the changes are improvements and others, not so much.

The one I’m most concerned about for those whose work is image-based, is the change to the Behance Creative Portfolio Display. That was one of the only ways an essentially text-based profile could show some visuals. (I started a discussion about this in the CFC LinkedIn Group.)

Would love to know what you’ve noticed on your profile…what’s missing, what’s rearranged, what’s emphasized and de-emphasized and how does it affect your marketing?

One thought on “Changes to LinkedIn: what do you think?

  1. Ambrose

    There never was a way to show our portfolio on a public profile, so the old Behance app was never truly useful in the first place and so I can only say I am ambivalent about the change. The old app was also sort of ugly, but then the new one is also ugly (maybe uglier); they are just ugly in different ways.

    But my complaint about the new portfolio display is not its ugliness, but its continued uselessness. Why is it that there still isn’t a way to show it on a public profile, when the integration is now official? What’s the point of the integration then?

    So this just says that LinkedIn has actually put zero thought into these changes. And if you asked me I’d just say given what their other changes have been like I’m not at all surprised.