Creativity… it comes and it goes

Nichole RustadDon’t you just love, even crave, those times when the creativity is flowing so well it’s practically oozing out of your finger tips onto the project? You are lost in the moment, your ideas are coming together so nicely, time flies by and then…a minor emergency happens.

Your kids are fighting, the school calls because your daughter fell on the playground, or your spouse comes home for lunch. (Okay, that last one is not even a minor emergency, but certainly can be a major distraction.) Sometimes, it is so difficult to get back into that spectacular moment that I was so abruptly taken from. I lose my focus and momentum, and can’t even remember where I was headed with my design.

Sometimes, I have to table the project for the day. Other times, I can pick up where I left off, but it is never quite the same. I had interruptions prior to being a mom, though not as often and most never derailed me quite like the ones these days.

How do you handle non-work related interruptions? Do you have any tricks you can share to help me get back on track, or do you just need to vent too?

One thought on “Creativity… it comes and it goes

  1. Lisa Lehman

    I know a lot of indy professionals work 9-5 and then “clock out.” I consider it a luxury to be able to work non-traditional hours when necessary. Because you know what? Sometimes creativity surges during off-hours. And if I’m interrupted during the day, I will take time away from my family in the evening. If it’s a project I’m really excited about and am enjoying, I can get back the creative juice pretty easily. For me, the flexibility of choosing my own hours is paramount.