Crowdsourcing site crowdsources its homepage

Ilise Benun on graphic design proposalWe haven’t had a post on crowdsourcing in a while but just because some of the initial uproar may have died down doesn’t mean the topic isn’t still the lightning rod issue for the creative industries.

On the new web site,, Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch. freelance graphic designer and owner of Hoboken, NJ-based, NSG Design, based in Hoboken, New Jersey posted her interview with Patrick Llewellyn, CEO, 99designs and Debbie Millman, President of the design division at Sterling Brands and President Emeritus of AIGA, about, among other things, the recent homepage redesign contest for one of the largest design crowdsourcing sites, 99designs.

Laurel Black and Jody Shyllberg, veteran creative freelancers and bloggers here on the CF blog, chimed in with their perspectives in the comments.

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One thought on “Crowdsourcing site crowdsources its homepage

  1. Stacey

    Speaking of crowdsourcing sites, just learned today that there is a new site, which is a new crowdsourcing website that functions much like 99 Designs, but is geared toward copywriters.