Crowdsourcing: what’s your client’s perspective?

For my next Freelance column in HOW Magazine, I’m writing about crowdsourcing (for the Creativity issue, ironically)!

I want to focus on your client’s perspective on it since not much has been written about that so far.

So I’d like to know if your clients are aware of it. Have they heard the word? Do they know what it means? Have they tried it and liked it? Have they tried it and run away screaming?

I’m looking for examples and stories so share them in the comments if you have them.

2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: what’s your client’s perspective?

  1. Michael Kline

    I’m a big fan of crowdsourcing (LOL, my browser is telling me the word doesn’t exist), but often the crowd is unaware. When in a creativity meeting (there’s an oxymoron) I find that the best thing to contribute is my listening skills. The answer to most conundrums is typically in the minds of those involved already, just waiting to be dislodged and duly noted.

  2. Nabeel Khalid

    Can’t tell you much except that one of our clients has heard the word and is expecting answers to our videoblog suggestion to help them with content marketing. But I guess they don’t realize that this results in low quality content which is not the aim here.