Define Your Market

As a freelancer wearing all the hats in your design business, you can’t afford to waste a second or a penny. That’s why it’s important to streamline your marketing efforts — which means: focus, focus, focus.

Focus requires discipline, which doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Focus means committing and then recommitting every day. But focus doesn’t mean rigidity; in fact, it also requires flexibility so that as business conditions change—and they’re changing more quickly every day—your focus can shift naturally.

Focus on what? On what you’re trying to achieve (your goals), on how you’re going to get there (your marketing tools) and on who’s going to help you (your target markets).
So what does it mean to focus on a market?”

Here’s what it isn’t: declaring your target market today and revamping everything overnight. I’ve seen more than one designer choose a target market, spend time and money (lots of both) redesigning their website, creating a brochure, doing everything to get ready to present themselves to the target market—everything except the most important thing: assessing whether that market is viable. As a result, they abandon everything and revamp again in six months when they discover the market isn’t able to sustain their business.

Click here to download a free worksheet, “Define Your Target Market,” which will help you identify markets you’re already serving, look for others and choose which ones to focus on.




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