Do all freelancers take TV breaks like me?

Deidre RienzoYes, as I disclosed in my workday schedule tell-all—I take a TV break most afternoons.

And you know something? I’m pretty sure it makes me more productive by giving my brain a break.

How do other creatives stay productive? Here are the tips they shared:

  • Outlook reminders for even the smallest tasks. Keeps me from feeling like I’m forgetting something so I can stay focused on what’s in front of me!” –Mary Guinane McNamara
  • I make a daily to-do list and stick to it. If things don’t make it on that list, they don’t get done. When I accomplish it all (or re-organize tasks as I go), I know I’m meeting deadlines and can then treat myself for another day of solid work.” –Kristen Fischer
  • Start with one task early. When I hit my first task even before having coffee or checking email it sets a tone for the rest of the day. I’ve been trying not to look at email until 1:00pm.” –Luke Mysse
  • Reminding myself of my “why” every day…. I want to have time freedom to be of service at the drop of a hat to family and friends…. Need to put in massive action plans daily to make it happen. Basically? Aim toward my ultimate carrot!” –Wendy Langlois Williams
  • To quote the brilliant Jim Krause, ‘Work when you’re working. Don’t when you’re not.’” –Cami Travis-Groves
  • A big productivity key for me is turning off my notifications on my phone. I would have my phone next to me as I’m working and with every e-mail, I would pick it up and react to the message. I would lose freight trains worth of thought. So I shut them off and “reward” myself with checking the phone once I’m done with the task at hand.” – Scott Sterling

And Laurel Black ( details her 6-square approach:

“At the beginning of every week, I take a piece of copy paper and fold it into thirds and again into half. I then have 6 squares. Five are labeled Monday through Friday with their respective calendar dates, and the sixth is where I put a list of job tasks that have to be worked on that week. I then prioritize those in order of how soon they’re due by numbering them. Then I look in my day planner for meetings, deadlines, etc. and write them down with their hour times in the appropriate day box. I include things like when I’m going to go to the Y and anything else that is important (like a doctor’s appointment).

I now have the whole week spread out in front of me and I can see at a glance how much work time I have. As things come up, I erase and revise. Easy peasy. Takes about five minutes, nothing to install and it never crashes. It may be a bit Luddite, but I have never found a system I liked better.

And I like to cross things out, not check them off, A checked item doesn’t look as destroyed as a crossed-off item.”



3 thoughts on “Do all freelancers take TV breaks like me?

  1. Alba

    Yes, I take a TV break once or twice a day. It helps clear my head, refocus my eyes and re-energize my attitude. I take one break at lunch and then 15-20 minutes in the late afternoon. When working in an office, I see many employees, talking with co-workers, visiting the break room and decompressing in other ways. When working from home, there is usually no one else to decompress with, so the TV is there. My other option is to go out to run an errand and talk to strangers. 🙂