Do you accept payment via credit card?

One of the most important issues for all freelancers is getting paid, right?

We’ve written on this blog about how to get paid before the project is finished and we’ve also highlighted the Freelancers Union’s efforts to get freelancers paid.

Today we welcome Merchant Warehouse to the Creative Freelancer Blog. Their services will make your life so much easier by allowing you to take payment via credit card, which is especially helpful when a client owes you money and is having trouble paying it.

Merchant Warehouse offers a complete line of credit card processing equipment including credit card machines, wireless credit card terminals, credit card software, printers and PIN pads.

Merchant Warehouse has been providing merchant services to businesses since 1998 and we know how overwhelming it can be to find relevant information on what you actually need. Below you’ll find articles and guides that cover many of the issues and questions we’ve encountered over the years. We have categorized them into three main sections – Credit Card Processing, Merchant Accounts, and Merchant Account Technology, and we also have a great FAQ section.

Check out their services and share your experiences here. Do you take credit cards? How has it changed the way you do business?

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