Do You Have a Marketing Machine?

In an interview over the weekend, Colleen Rice of asked Ilise Benun, my colleague at Marketing Mentor, to outline the 5 most effective (and cost-effective) marketing tools that make up the "Marketing Machine."

Maestro that she is, she did so, but without giving away her entire presentation at the Creative Freelancer Conference (you’ll have to come see us in the flesh for that, folks!)

Listen to the 45-minute interview on BlogTalkRadio here.

7 thoughts on “Do You Have a Marketing Machine?

  1. David (in Seattle)

    I JUST finished listening. Great way to start the day and get jazzed about the conference as the same time.
    Ilse was well informed, thoughtful, and a great listener, as well (rare in an interview!). I look forward to the extended version in August.
    I need help finding my “niche” and I think I’m heading to the right place ;}
    Thanks for posting this.
    See you all in Chi-Town!

  2. Ilise Benun

    Thanks so much, David. I’m glad you found the material useful. It’s really just a tiny taste of what you’ll find at the conference PLUS everything all your colleagues will have to share too!
    See you there.

  3. David (in Seattle)

    You’re welcome.
    Yeah, I think sharing all the stuff we’ve ALL learned in the ‘trenches’ will be one a conference highpoint.
    Last question:
    I was wondering how the one-on-one business review worked. Is it on a ‘first arrive, first to be critiqued’ basis?
    Thanks again.
    David (still) in Seattle