Escaping Information Overload

I’m hearing a lot about deleting these days, as a strategy to escape information overload. I have a hard time doing it, not because I want to keep everything. It’s just that deleting takes time don’t have! Am I alone in this?

I don’t think so. In this series of posts, Ohio-based (and relatively new) freelancer, Neil Renicker of Renicker Studio, shares some simple strategies to deal with too much email.

In Part 1, he addresses the issue of multiple inboxes (how many do you have?) and tells exactly how he’s minimized his….Read it here.

In Part 2, he tackles the thorny issue of deleting — essentially how to say a digital “no” and when to make an exception…read that here.

And in Part 3, he goes as far as suggesting that you take your inbox to zero at least once a day (and shows a seductive screen shot of an empty inbox)Read it here.

Anyone cleaning out their inbox every day?


2 thoughts on “Escaping Information Overload

  1. Jessi Miller

    I used to do it almost daily and it really did feel good, I was on top of things, but over the past few years I’ve gotten overwhelmed and have thousands of emails in my inbox. Thank you for sharing these posts, I do feel inspired to go back to a cleanbox!

  2. Melody

    I have to empty my inbox every day- or at least organize it. I have different folders pertaining to each project I’m working on, so I’ll dump the appropriate email concerning that specific project into each of the folders. If I leave anything in my inbox, I just get overwhelmed the next day. I think to myself- Woah, that’s a lot of information pertaining to a lot of work… Then become burdened by the fact that I should really go through all of it. Organize or delete it as it comes in, and your inbox will never be so daunting again!