Ever doubt the “realness” of your business?

Deidre RienzoI always knew Ireland was more relaxed when it came to working. Nobody ever asked, “What do you do for a living?” It simply didn’t matter. The work-to-live culture in Ireland made it easier to go from Corporate-America Marketing Manager to self-employed copywriter. After working from Ireland (with clients in the U.S), for 4.5 years, my business seemed very real.

When I moved back to the USA in July, I had some reverse culture-shock. Suddenly money and titles and hours worked became a lot more important. I was jolted back into the headspace, and the priorities, from before I left. And I started to doubt myself. I started to doubt this “business” I’d created.

Was my business real? Or have I been fooling myself? Was I working enough hours? Was I making enough money? Is all this freedom fair?

In my moment of doubt, I wrote.

I didn’t expect such an outcry of support. It helped me realize I’m not alone, and gave me renewed confidence in my business.

If you’ve ever doubted the “realness” of your business—here’s a “reality check” for you:

Jim Asher, self-employed since 1968 says:

“Henry Ford said ‘Never complain and never explain’ you do not have to justify yourself to anyone. As I look back, I do not wish I had worked more or had more toys. I wish I had spent more time doing the things and being with the people I loved … Don’t let others bring you to their level, most of their comments are just envy.”

Freelance writer, Jean Feingold, says:

“On the days you doubt your choice, remember what was involved in having a conventional job, all the rules you had to follow, all the bad bosses, all the things you couldn’t do because you had to be at work. Then look at your output, think of the people who are benefiting from what you do, and you’ll know it’s real.”

Writer, Cyd Peroni, says:

“Never doubt that your skills and passion have real value in the marketplace – especially today as the numbers of independent freelancers are on the rise.”

Do you have doubts? And what do you do to allay them?

One thought on “Ever doubt the “realness” of your business?

  1. Justin Grice

    I like to look at progress. For instance, I am not blowing past any sales records, but 2012 has been about 3 times as good financial wise as 2011 (my first full year in business). It is real if you are really working it. I know I am, and I try to do my best for my customers.