Evolution: Letting Go of Control

Sometimes growing means letting go of certain things (that could be holding you back). But letting go isn’t always easy.

During the research for my new article on the evolution of a creative business, “From Start to Smart,” (coming out in the September edition of HOW), and the companion DesignCast this Thursday, I asked this question on Facebook and LinkedIn:

What have you had to let go of as your business has grown or evolved? Or what have you had trouble letting go of?

CFC attendee, Ken Nager, of Treehouse Creations said, “I’ve had to let go of control.”

I am realizing that in order for my business to grow in the direction that I want it to, I need to be the sales/creative director and let someone else do the daily design and production tasks for me. Now not only to grow my business, but also because I am falling behind on deadlines because I am taking on too much work.

My vision: To create a design firm that would allow me flexibility to enjoy life and my family, earn a very good income and something I would be proud of that resonated my core values.

How has it evolved? It is ever evolving and hasn’t quite reached its full potential. I see glimpses of hope here and there. I still am able to coach my son’s soccer, t-ball and basketball teams, but I pay for it by working very late almost every day.

I have to let go of “control” if I want my business to change in the direction that I want. I mean tiny bits of control. The bad control of “only I can do it right” and the attitude that “I could have completed the project in the time it would take for me to delegate it” and what about, “I will lose $ if I sub this work out” All not true and it has taken me along time to realize this.

Is “control” an issue for you too? If so, how does it play out? What else have you had to let go of?

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