Exactly what time do you track?

The companion discussion forum for the Creative Freelancers (besides this blog) is the LinkedIn Group, which is growing every day because of the very active conversations and especially because of the incredibly generous participants. They share their knowledge and experience freely. So this week, we’re cross-posting a few key conversations from the last couple of weeks. Here’s the first:

Elke Giba, who very recently left her full time job to open her own practice, Giba Group Marketing & Design, is asking about time-tracking:

When it comes to tracking time, how detailed do you get? Especially when itemizing non-billable time? I have asked a few others and it is a toss-up between tracking everything, and only tracking billable items. Granted it can be depressing to track ALL your non billable time, but doing so helps you see where you can earn more, right?

We’re big fans of TimeFox but what do you use? (Use this link for a 10% discount) Or do you use anything at all?

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