Excellent Web-to-Print Resource

These days, in order to compete, you must position yourself as — and become — the most valuable resource your clients have ever had.

What exactly does that mean?

Anticipating their needs…solving problems they may not yet know they have…proposing services and products they haven’t yet asked for.

On that last point, we have an excellent resource to recommend: Navitor, Web-to-Print, for all your online printing.

Sign up for their free DesignCast, next Tuesday, August 9 at 4 PM Eastern.

Navitor will show you:

  • how you can become a single resource for your clients, while controlling the outcome of the design work
  • add print services to your business model with minimal resource expenditure

You’ll see a demonstration of their web-to-print ordering process and examples of how adding print to the mix complements graphic design assignments and adds to your bottom line profitability.

Details and free registration here.

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