Freelance Life = Good Life?

Love this article by Art Spikol on It’s written with writers in mind, but of course applies to all creative freelancers.

He offers 10 reasons to “stay at the keyboard.” Here is my favorite:

Freelance writers select their own employers. They query the outlets for which they want to write. (More often than not, all you’re looking for is a home for something you already have.) Ad copywriters are an exception—they have to suffer the indignity of pleasing the agency’s clients, but that’s why they probably make more money than you. The other side of that is that you, the independent writer, have the greater opportunity to strike it rich—a screenplay, a bestseller. Don’t be intimidated by the fame of others; they were all anonymous once and soon enough will be so again. And don’t think of it as climbing the ladder of success—it takes too long. You’re a writer, and writers can advance in quantum leaps, any of which can change a life. When a door opens, take the elevator.

Read the rest here.

What are your favorite aspects of freelancing this week?