“Freelancer” Hires Full Time + Part Time Help!

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planOne question that comes up often on this blog is what exactly is meant by the term, “freelancer” and is it negative?

Here’s another to add: are you still a freelancer if you’re hiring people to help, whether full-time or part time?

I ask because I got the message below from Theresa Previ of Brooklyn, NY-based Treemarie. She attended last year’s CFC and wrote to me last week to tell me about her progress and why she’s coming back again this year:

I’m looking forward to CFC in San Francisco. My goal is to gain more focus this year. Things are going full speed ahead and sometimes I feel like I’ve barely got my head above water. That’s good, right? 😉

A couple of seeds I planted in the past year have started to grow and contracts have flown in, my biggest being Adobe right now. I’ve hired one full-time designer and a part designer and writer to work on some contracts that I’m managing because I’m already on a full-time contract myself.

Although I’m happy with that, I wish I had more time to focus on some fun branding stuff with Treemarie, including making some promotional items for some of my clients. All that will come.

I’m also moving into a green-desk (http://www.green-desk.com/) on the 22nd. I’ve realized I need to get out of my house and when I walked into this place in Williamsburg I just loved the energy. It’s packed with small businesses and fresh entrepreneurs and I have a good feeling about placing myself in the middle of people I can build relationships with and provide design services to.

It’s a strategy that just sort of worked out organically and I’ll keep you posted on whether it was a good one or not.

You can place yourself in the middle of people you can build relationships with at CFC 2013. Come join us June 22-24 in San Francisco. And get $50 off with promo code “ILISE”Register here.