Freelancer: we need to know…

Freelancers UnionWe are pleased to start 2011 with the support of our partner, The Freelancers Union, a non-profit organization dedicated to freelancers.

Please take their annual survey, but also check out their:

While independent workers—self-employed, freelance, part-time, and temporary—comprise 30% of the U.S. workforce, there is limited information about these workers.

Survey results inform the public (see previous survey coverage in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today) and policymakers about issues that affect workers like you. Based on data from previous surveys, policymakers have made concrete changes to help support independent workers—from reforming the Unincorporated Business Tax to introducing legislation (S8084/A11520) to help independent contractors collect what they’re owed from nonpaying clients.

Needless to say, the more respondents there are, the better the data is, and the greater the chance of helping you as an independent worker. So please take a few minutes to take their annual survey.

The data from the survey helps us understand and explain the nature of independent work, the unique challenges these workers face, their broader impact on the economy, and solutions that support them.