Freelancers: United, Not Isolated at CFC 09

We’re still flying high from an exhilarating time in San Diego at the 2nd Annual Creative Freelancer Conference.

It was non-stop networking that had freelancers feeling “united, rather than isolated” and everyone left with a “truckload of tools and resources.” (I’m quoting from the actual email messages we received so far.)

The best part, by far, was the people who attended. We had the cream of the freelancer crop in the house!  I even think the recession was a good thing because it weeded out less serious freelancers; the ones who showed up were hungry for help and eager to connect. And from a presenter’s point of view, there is nothing better than speaking to a group of people who really want to learn.

We’ll post a wrap up of CFC on the WWW next week (so if you’re planning to write something, do it soon and send us the link), but for now, here is Alisa Bonsignore’s blog post that pretty much sums up what she got out of it:

You can also keep up to date on the Twitter stream, which is still flowing. Just go to and type in "#cfconf"

And here’s a question for attendees: Did we give you enough down time or do you like that we had something planned from sunrise beyond sunset to get your time and money’s worth? If you were there, please let us know.