Get Out

You should go to Costco right now.

Yes, I know you think I’m crazy. Why would you drop everything and go to Costco in the middle of the day?

Because right now, you’re not working. Maybe it was a last-minute call cancellation. Maybe it all started by looking up Something You Needed and were led down the Google path; now it’s 35 minutes later, you’ve forgotten what you were actually looking for and you’ve found yourself here. Either way, you’re not really working right now. So before you find yourself looking at Lolcats or DamnYouAutocorrect, get out of the office and get something done.

Like Costco.

You see, I hate Costco on the weekends. I positively detest it. And one Saturday, as I stood in line with 4,000 of my neighbors, I realized something powerful: I can do this during the week.

It was a revelation.

No longer do I wait in long lines at Costco or the supermarket on a Saturday. I go midweek. And I’m willing to bet that it takes me less than half the time that it would on a weekend, particularly since I don’t have a 4-year-old Tiny Shopping Assistant in tow.

I have an ongoing list of non-work Things That Must Be Done. If I have 20 minutes, I’ll hit the dry cleaner or pick up that single item that I need at a random store. One hour? Food, Costco or Target. More than one hour? Now you’re just procrastinating. Embrace the slack and go spend some cloud time to clear your head; you obviously need it.

What do you do when the slack time hits?