Greening the Office

I’m not sure what your office situation looks like, but mine is fairly drab. I have my computer, a filing cabinet, a printer and a paper drawer (possibly a second computer is stationed somewhere as well.) I feel like I’m in a closed in space staring at walls with fun art but it still feels like a museum setting; essentially, it feels lifeless.

There is a quick solution to bring life to every office/cubicle/studio: plants.

There are numerous benefits to having plants in a work environment. The first and foremost is cleaner air; many office friendly plants absorb carbon dioxide and filter out VOC’s. According to a survey from Washington State University plants also reduce stress and can even increase our productivity. They also act as noise reducers, lower humidity and even keep the office cooler.

Not born with a green thumb? Neither was I. I stick to some basic simple plants that liven up my office. I have a Spider Plant hanging over the corner of my desk. It requires a little water, a steady temperature, and a little sunlight and in return it has been a fantastic sounding board for my design concepts. There is also a little Cactus that requires even less water and is content to listen to me as I deal with frantic client emails.

It’s an easy step to help protect the environment and to give you a friend who’s not always asking to borrow office supplies. With the obscene amount of creative planters it can also bring a splash of color, design and creativity to your otherwise technical space.

So what type of plants do you call friend in your office setting?

2 thoughts on “Greening the Office

  1. Robert

    Thanks Jeremy,

    i will give it a try. To turn the office room into a jungle could be a nice experience ;). Just joking, so in my office room is a small palm, a rhododendron, a rubber tree and an hibiscus. I’ve seen the green offices mostly in call-centers.Why? 😉