Happy 1st Freelance Anniversary, Bryn

It’s the first anniversary of Bryn Mooth’s second career and she has come a long way in a short year.

As she wrote about her first year on her blog, writes4food.com, “The first year as an independent journalist and copywriter focused on food, wellness and creativity (see how I have that tagline down pat?) has been all I expected, and more. Fulfilling, rewarding, mind-expanding, challenging, baffling and frustrating.”

Along the way, she has shared her ups and downs candidly, which you don’t see very often. (Listen to the whole podcast series here.) Here are the highlights:

In June, Bryn will be in Boston at the Creative Freelancer Conference once again, as a full fledged freelancer. Will you join her?

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Freelance Anniversary, Bryn

  1. Stacey

    Congratulations, Bryn. Just a thought: If you reach a point, where your workload becomes too overwhelming, for short-term projects, consider getting a contractor from elance.com to help out. I did. There’s some amazing and affordable talent over there.