Hate reading? Learn to love it.

Most people I know wish they had more time to read. But a few people I know – make time to read. Luke Mysse, who presented “Who’s the Boss” at CFC 2010 in Denver, really makes reading a priority in his day.

In his recently blog post, My Love of Reading, Luke shares how he went from reading hater to reading lover.

I once hated reading, but I disciplined myself to do it anyway and now have a genuine love for books. I always ask people what they’ve read recently and I’m always shocked when they respond with something like “Oh, I haven’t really read many books since college.” Oh really? Not only is that just plain sad, it’s a quick way to get passed up in the marketplace.

There are so many smart people out there writing such great stuff. Honestly, too much great stuff. I would read for hours if I could, but I’ve found that an hour a day minimum keeps me satiated.

Here, Luke shares 3 simple tips for making reading a part of your day.

Have any tips to add?