Health Insurance + Freelancing

ilise-new-thumbHow does health insurance affect your freelancing?

Some have health insurance through a spouse. Some (like me!) buy it (expensively) on the open market. Others stay at a job for it. And some don’t have it at all. That’s all about to change. But I’m curious how the challenge of finding affordable health insurance (and healthcare) has affected your decision to be independent.

Here’s an excerpt from a NY Times article yesterday about how the Freelancers Union is trying to solve this problem for the growing contingent of independent workers.

Having health insurance makes it far easier to be a part of what Ms. Horowitz calls the “gig economy.” But many freelancers would prefer not to participate in that economy at all. They would rather have regular jobs, but companies will often hire them only as independent contractors. Companies find these workers less painful to dismiss and generally less costly because they rarely receive severance pay or benefits like health insurance or paid vacations.

“There are some freelancers for whom this is great — they love the flexibility,” Ms. Horowitz said. “And there are some freelancers for whom this is the worst thing in the world.”

Which are you? And how has health insurance affected your choice to freelance or not?

Read the article by Steven Greenhouse here