Hear From Your Peers at CFC 2013 (June 22-24 in SF)

Recently, I highlighted 3 things that will be different at CFC this year (June 22-24 in SF): (1) It’s a 3-day affair  (2) where you will network with actual prospects from in-house creative departments looking for resources and (3) be able to show your work trade-show style.

Today I want to focus on one aspect of the program I’m particularly proud of because it responds directly to the feedback I got from last year’s generously vocal attendees.

You asked to hear from more of your peers. You wanted not just to hear from “experts” but also to hear from other freelancers about how they run their business and solve some of the problems you have.

So that’s what you’ll get. Check out the “sessions” web page and you’ll see we have 3 “From the Trenches” sessions featuring people — a mix of designers and writers — who’ve been there, done that!

  1. “How to Grow Into a Small Business (With or Without Employees)” features 4 creative professionals who have taken it up a level: Jenn David Connolly of Jenn David Design, Stacey King Gordon of content-strategy firm, Suite Seven and Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design and Kirk Roberts of Kirk Roberts Design.
  2. “The Skinny on Working with Corporate Clients” — 3 of the 4 panelists are freelancers who’ve been on both sides, first as corporate buyers of creative services and now as the service providers selling to corporate. They’ve got a unique perspective share! They are Alisa Bonsignore of Clarifying Complex Ideas, Stacey King Gordon of Suite Seven, Dana Manciagli of Microsoft and Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design.
  3. “Freelancers Speak on Their Best Business Practices” is our way of providing an opportunity to practice speaking skills by actually speaking before a large group! This session is moderated by speaking coach, Jezra Kaye of Speak Up For Success, and each speaker will have 10 minutes. Here are their topics:

You can’t afford to miss this! Get $100 off (CFC only) if you combine promo code “ILISE” + Early Bird rate before March 15. Register here now.

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