Here’s your 2012 Marketing Plan

Ready to plan for 2012? Whether you’re a “Beginner” or “Advanced” marketer, we’ve got just the marketing plan for you!

The Marketing Plan Bundle, created exclusively for creative professionals by Marketing Mentor, has just been released, just in time for 2012.

This “marketing-plan-in-a-calendar” will tell you exactly what to do every day of the year to keep your marketing on track, so you never again suffer from feast or famine again! It includes everything you need to implement your marketing machine:

• Part 1: The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar (206-page spiral-bound printed journal + interactive PDF) The Start Anytime plan, refreshed for 2012, provides specific guidance on your marketing tasks and includes all new articles, tips, with Monthly Recaps to track your progress and an Annual Recap at the end of the year.

• Part 2: The 2012 Marketing Plan eCalendar (a digital file that syncs with your calendar software + 18-page guide) The digital eCalendar, completely revamped for 2012, focuses especially on the online marketing tasks that will have the biggest impact. It syncs with your calendar software to provide regular marketing reminders inside your iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar – so you don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing!

Available in Advanced and Beginner versions. (Not sure which you need? Read this.)

Buy it here before you get swept up in holiday madness so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when January 2 comes along.

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