How Damien’s business grew 25% – Part 2

So, as I was saying yesterday in Part 1 of this post about what exactly I did and continue to do since the Creative Freelancer Conference last year to keep my business growing….

4. Ditch the order-taker hat and wear the PARTNER hat! Ilise Benun lead an insightful Q&A last year with Motto and their client CocoTherapy. The co-owners of Motto said that if you are truly passionate about wanting your client to succeed, your potential client will gravitate to you and want to partner with you. It also works with current clients. I search out ways to help them be fiscally responsible and efficient in growing their business.

If you do the same, your business will automatically flourish as a result. I’ve grown the number of projects with my largest client, been wiser with their budget and been referred to 2 new clients as a result.

5. Set Goals with a budget~ Get super honest with yourself, put your goals down on paper and if you need guidance, get your hands on The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money by Ilise Benun. It will get you on the right track in a hurry. My copy is highlighted, dog-eared and houses lots of lined paper with notes, goals, dreams, and more. When your aspirations, needs and wants are on paper, your brain starts working on ways to help them all come to fruition.

6. Be accountable– to yourself, your clients and others. Yourself and clients are a no-brainer, but what about others? Do you have someone to confide in about your business, an accountant to review your numbers with or even a small group of colleagues/friends that have your best interest at heart to help guide you in your business.

I don’t have an advisory board, but I do have a great accountant, a retired mom that acts as an administrative assistant, counselor and accounts receivable manager, an all-inspiring husband (who also happens to work side by side with me in my business full time)! By being transparent with them, they are my biggest cheerleaders, shed light on problematic issues and keep me focused on my goals.

Rinse and Repeat! Just as you provide proofs to a client, your action plan and goals can be tweaked too. Don’t be heartbroken if a goal doesn’t come to pass by the first deadline you make. Just reset it, break it down or re-examine it. If you have too many goals, lighten up, allow breathing room. Setting goals and growing a business is a living organism. Be flexible enough to allow it to take shape and provide.

There you go– this is how I grew my business an extra 25% since the last CFC. I know you can too, except I hope you have double the success! What will you tweak, break, replace, make better this year? I’d love to hear from you and see you again at CFC this year in Boston!