How To Be Sick In A Professional Way

With the cold and flu season upon us, it is probably a miracle if you haven’t been bitten yet. And if you have, you understand the havoc it can wreak on your well-oiled life as you are stopped cold in your tracks.

But I am here to remind you – other humans are very forgiving if you communicate your dilemma. After just getting over the flu myself, I was refreshingly met with compassion and sympathy from not only my family and husband, but clients too.

So, PLEASE, don’t be one of those control freaks that thinks s/he can muscle through. Stay away from people, keep your germs to yourself and damn it, go to a doctor if it’s that bad. And don’t feel bad if you have to take a sick day… or 5. It is the best thing to do for your health and well-being.

If you take care of yourself at the onset of a cold or flu, you’ll get over it much quicker and your colleagues, co-workers and clients will be happy to have you back that much sooner.

Be sure to let others know you are taking a sick day (but leave out the gory details), communicate it professionally, get yourself better, and when you come back, the to-do list may be really long, so just write it all down and tackle the fires first.

Probably the biggest thing to remember is when you do come back to work, pace yourself. You probably won’t be 100%, so you’ll need to allow yourself time to work back into the lightening work speed you are used to.

If you are like me, you probably pack your day with all the priorities and then some, so a few days out can seem devastating. But if you take the time to get yourself better, you’ll infect fewer people around you, you’ll miss fewer days and it will be much easier making up the work. I know this may all be info you know, but a reminder now and then is good medicine. So there, consider yourself reminded!

To end on a healthier note, check out this entertaining infographic called 10 Strange Ways to Stay Healthy. I especially love #3 (red wine), but substitute #4 (dark grape juice) if you are flying!

Now, I have to go get on a plane, wish me luck! Oh, you are flying too?! Then you might want to check out Plane Travel the Healthy Way.

How are you dealing with what the media is calling a “flu epidemic?”

2 thoughts on “How To Be Sick In A Professional Way

  1. lidia varesco design

    This is so timely as I sit on the couch today with a cup of tea. Having already taken a day off last week with a sick toddler, I was tempted to go in to the office but I knew my week would be more productive if I took it easy today.

    My two tips are: set up remote access to your office computer (unless you work from home, of course) and don’t feel guilty taking a day off.

    When I had to take a day off last week to take my son to the doctor, I could have felt guilty missing work. But instead I focused on my top priority (healthy & happy child) and recalled the many times my clients emailed me with their own family situations that pulled them away from the office. And having remote access to my office computer meant urgent requests could still be handled at home.

    Thanks for sharing!